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Invervention modes of EurUsa


Project organization

EurUsa is able to act at a very early stage, of customer's projects, thanks to an experience acquired over 25 years.
Such actions like definition and expression of objectives, technical specification, etc. make sense in the frame of long-term programme planning, but also for specific projects.
This type of intervention, ahead of project's start, increases very significantly its success chances.
Eurusa's proactive approach of customer's objectives is especially profitable when applied to this type of collaborative intervention.



In this type of intervention, EurUsa takes full charge of design and implementation. Actions are based upon specifications formerly established by the customer, the content of which has been validated in a cooperative mode.
EurUsa takes full technical and financial responsibility of the project The customer is kept permanently informed, in particular by means of progress reports, and can thus stepwise appropriate the development. At the end of the project, a complete documentation is delivered, including all elements necessary for training the customer.



In this type of intervention, EurUsa acts as a specialized designer.
Once the project methodology has been defined by the customer and validated by Eurusa, EurUsa manages its own design actions so that they fit with the global methodology.
Partial and final results of the study are delivered stepwise according to the project planning.
Eurusa's intervention includes a participation to cost evaluation for the implementation phase and, if required, at exploitation stage.



EurUsa intervention belongs to the field of expertise. It can take place ahead or in parallel of the project of after its completion. EurUsa performs a critical analysis of the project, inclusive of its methodology.
EurUsa delivers an analysis report which generally also contains proposals to improve design or implementation.
On request, Eurusa may also evaluate design, implementation or exploitation costs.

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